Birds who have access to natural sunlight are less likely to be grumpy or engage in self-harming activities. With more natural light, self-plucking, trashing toys, and fighting with cage mates could be reduced.


As crucial as your budgies physical health is his or her mental well-being. Sitting indoors all day under artificial lighting might make it feel pent up. Even tying your budgie to a harness and taking it for a walk in your backyard will help it get some fresh air.


Is Sunlight Essential for Budgies?

In order for budgies to stay healthy and avoid vitamin D deficiency, they need to spend time in the sun. Ensure that your pet parrot is exposed to at least 20-30 minutes of direct sunshine 2-3 times per week. Use a safe UV light if you don't get much sunlight or if it's winter.


Beams of sunshine that are unhindered by any impediments are called direct sunlight. Glass windows, drapes, and the like are all included here. Putting your budgie's cage in front of a window that isn't open isn't enough.


For one reason or another, ultraviolet (or UV) light wavelengths just cannot pass through transparent materials like glass. Your pet parrot can benefit from two forms of UV light:

Ultraviolet A and UVB


In terms of UV light, UVA is the most far-reaching. The sun's natural radiation is primarily composed of this form of energy. UVB light is weaker than UVA light, hence it cannot pass through a glass window. As a result, it will be unable to get to your pet parrot. To stay healthy, budgies require a full spectrum lights.


No one is advocating leaving your bird out in the sun for long periods of time. In addition to the risks listed above, exposure to excessive sunlight can cause the following health problems:

Acute corneal, eyelid, and skin inflammation

Heat exhaustion



Instead, find a good middle ground. With your supervision or on moderate days, let your budgie to be exposed to direct sunshine. Make sure the budgie has easy access to fresh water and shady locations in the cage to hide if it gets hot.


When it comes to sun exposure, how much time in the sun do Budgies need?

A minimum of 20 minutes of direct sunshine is required for budgies (or UV light exposure). In order to avoid UV deficiency, this should be done at least twice or three times a week.


You should only allow your budgie outside for a maximum of 2-3 hours a day. While it could withstand a longer period of time in the sun, it may be susceptible to sunburn. Of course, during this time, you should never ever let your budgies alone.


Do Parakeets Require Much UV Light to Get Enough Sunshine?

If UV light is your only option, use one with a UV index of 2 to 4. Your budgie will receive appropriate UV sun exposure this way. Even so, there is no danger of it being exposed to harmful radiation.


It's like leaving your pet parrot out in the early morning sun to get a dose of UV rays. For a minimum of three to four hours each day, this light should be on. If you can't give your budgie any direct sunshine, this is extremely important.


There are many commercial light bulbs that exclusively produce UVA light and none at all in the way of UVB. Because of this, it is ineffective at ensuring the health of your pet budgies. Low-frequency UVC light can be emitted by some UV lights. When viewed up close, this can be dangerous.


It's a good thing some lights have timers built in. Using this method, you won't have to be concerned about overexposing your budgie to UV light.

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