The gestation period of a dog is about 56 to 62 days, and it is a multiparous animal. You can visit the vet for an ultrasound examination about a month after your dog is mated to see if there is a pregnancy and the development and heartbeat of the fetus. During this period, it is forbidden to let the dog have intense exercise. Do not take the dog to dangerous places, such as hillsides or stairs with high steps, to avoid the dog falling down and causing miscarriage, and avoid bathing the dog as much as possible during pregnancy, which may cause the dog to catch a cold. During pregnancy, you need to enhance nutrition, pay attention to calcium supplementation for dogs to avoid postpartum syndrome, but also to control the amount of diet, so as to avoid the development of the fetus from becoming too large to cause a difficult birth. Before the delivery, you can shave and clean the hair around the nipples of the mother dog to facilitate the sucking of the newborn puppy. If the dog is not produced for more than 65 days, then a difficult birth may occur, and at this time it is necessary to rush to the hospital for a detailed examination and, if necessary, a caesarean section.

         How can one tell when a dog is pregnant?
The early phase of a dog's pregnancy can be easily overlooked because it is not readily apparent in terms of behavioral changes, and external changes won't become apparent until almost mid-pregnancy. Between the third and fourth week or so, the dog's body begins to undergo major hormonal changes that can result in morning sickness, sometimes leading to a loss of appetite and energy. In addition, her *** will begin to swell and turn pink as she begins to produce milk in preparation for the birth of her puppies. By the fifth or sixth week, weight gain begins to be noticeable.
A trained professional can usually feel the changes in the dog's abdomen in the fourth week to make a determination if it is pregnant. We try not to try any methods to test the dog for pregnancy ourselves to avoid causing the dog to miscarry, and please take it to a professional for examination if there is an abnormality. 
         How can one tell when a dog is ready to give birth?
When a dog is ready to give birth, it will show the following symptoms: 
1. Vomit
2. Urinate more frequently
3. Lick the hind legs
4. Tremble or pant
5. Refuse to eat
6. Build a comfy nest - Look for a safe and comfortable place to give birth
Pay attention to its temperature and check it regularly every 12 hours for a few days before delivery. A dog's body temperature is higher than ours in the range of 37 to 38 degrees, but will drop to approximately 36 degrees when it is ready to give birth.Since most dogs give birth at home, it is important to keep an eye on them. If you find that things are not going well or that the dog is in pain, such as contractions that last more than 10-15 minutes without beginning to give birth to a puppy, or contractions that stop before the birth is complete, take them to the vet immediately for treatment.
What else can you suggest about dog pregnancy and delivery? Please share and exchange your knowledge.

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