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why do dogs eat poop

Even more revolting than our dogs' penchant for drinking from the toilet, rolling about in marsh mud, or licking their buttocks, is the thought of our dogs eating their own poop. It doesn't matter if

can dogs drink milk

A cat is the most common animal to be depicted as a milk-drinking feline. Many people would be astonished to learn that cats should never be fed milk in the first place. What about their four-legged f

Why is my dog shivering

Sometimes we see dogs suddenly shivering, but many owners do not take it seriously. If your dog often shivers, it is usually because of these 5 reasons!1. Because the dog is poisonedDogs shivering may

Why do dogs eat grass

After all, as a carnivore, the dog's favorite and most preferable food is meat. When a dog begins to inexplicably fall in love with vegetarianism, then there must be some problem.There're four reasons

How long is the dog pregnant

The gestation period of a dog is about 56 to 62 days, and it is a multiparous animal. You can visit the vet for an ultrasound examination about a month after your dog is mated to see if there is a pre