The ear canal of a dog is L-shaped and dirt may accumulate in it when it gets in, so it needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent fungal bacteria as well as parasitic infections. However, some owners stick a cotton swab in their dog's ear to help it out according to their common sense, which is really dangerous! The dog's eardrum is so fragile, so if you pull it out indiscriminately, you may accidentally injure it and cause ear infections, which will only do harms instead. If the dog struggles, the cotton from the swab may fall in and not come out.

  Clean your dog's ears in the right way
1. Pluck your dog's ear hair first
Plucking ear hair needs ear powder as an aid to reduce the pain. Before pouring the ear powder, the owner'd better pour it on his or her hand first to see how much he or she can squeeze out by force. When pouring the powdered ear, they can push a little harder, and it doesn't matter if it's a little more, as the dog will shake the powder out on its own later. After pouring the powder, slowly massage the dog's ears to make full contact with the powder so that the ear hair will come out more easily. Next, whether you use your hands or pliers, you must be quick to pluck the ear hair. The slower you go, the longer the pain will last. Although it is important to be quick, don't hurt the dog's skin or there will be no next time. The frequency of ear hair plucking does not have to be too high, and once a month is already frequent, specifically by the owner's own observation.
2. Clean your dog's ears with ear drops
Pour the ear drops into your dog's ears and slowly rub the roots of your dog's ears for 10-15 times, making a chirping sound like a little yellow duck. If the dog resists, it is best to find an extra person to hold the dog in place and not let it struggle constantly. After releasing the hand, the dog will shake his head on his own due to the discomfort of the ear drops, which is his instinct to protect his ears. This way, the dirt deep in the ear will come out with the ear drops. Instead of using a cotton swab to pull it out, just wipe it off with a larger ball of cotton. If the ear wax is all red-brown and dirty, the dog either has a bacterial fungal infection or an ear mite infection, so remember to take it to the doctor.
3. Give your dog a snack reward
If someone else pours strange liquids and powders into your ears, you're sure to feel bad too. So after doing so many strange things to your dog, soothe his broken heart with some snacks and let him know that cleaning his ears is good for him. If you don't give a snack, it may not really cooperate next time.Not cleaning your dog's ears for a long time can cause a lot of problems
If the owner ignores the care of dog's ears and the dog can't pull them out itself, it will only allow bacteria, fungus and ear mites to take advantage of the situation. Once the environment inside your dog's ears is suitable (moist and warm enough), bacteria and fungus will multiply inside, and if your dog's immune system is not good, the situation will be even worse. When you see your dog tossing its head, scratching its ears with its paws, or tilting its head, it may be suffering from ear discomfort. The owner has to pick it up and see if it is infected inside.
Droopy-eared dogs such as poodles, golden retrievers, labradors, beagles, etc., are a category that owners should pay special attention to. Since the dog's ears are usually covered, they may be badly infected by the time the problem is discovered. It is also important to clean your dog's ears regularly, so don't forget to do so.

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