Dog disease

can dogs get coronavirus

In the family of viruses known as coronaviruses are many different kinds of viruses. People can have colds caused by some coronaviruses. Other creatures, such as cattle, camels, and bats, are ill as a

how to get rid of fleas on dogs

Dogs and cats, as well as petowners, are frequently plagued by fleasand ticks. These tiny parasites live off the blood of their hosts. Fleas, despite their lack of wings, may jump up to 13

Will dogs be infected with COVID-19?

There is only one dog that has been detected with the virus, and that dog does not currently have symptoms associated with COVID-19. This suggests that the viral load on this dog is likely to be super

Symptoms of rabies in dogs

Dogs with rabies will show symptoms such as extreme excitement, mania, drooling, loss of consciousness, and eventually death due to local or general paralysis. The salivary glands and saliva of an aff

Where do the fleas on dogs come from?

Fleas on dogs can be caused by a dirty environment, long-term failure to deworm, or contact with flea-infected animals. When a dog is infected with fleas, it will show symptoms such as itching, hair l

How to deal with lice on dogs

Lice on dogs can be treated with deworming medication containing ingredients such as Seramycin, Fipronil and Moxicodin. In addition, dogs can be treated with bathing products that contain lice-removal