Of course dogs can eat apples. Apples are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and potassium, and are suitable for long-term feeding to dogs. Apples are good for dogs when fed in moderation: First, they have an antioxidant effect that keeps the dog's cells from being damaged. Second, it eliminates odor. Third, it keeps your dog's blood pressure in a normal level. Fourth, it promotes the dog's intestinal movement and helps digestion. Also, apples can relieve constipation in dogs. When feeding apples to dogs, you need to feed them in appropriate amounts according to their weight, and it is best to cut them to appropriate sizes according to the size of their mouths. But it should be noted that dogs do not eat apple cores, which contain cyanide that is harmful to the dog's health. If the dog accidentally eats a little, there is no big problem, and the owner does not have to worry too much. However, if it consumes too much apple core, it will cause cyanide poisoning, and if the treatment is not timely, it will even lead to the death of the dog. Therefore, when feeding some fruits with cores, the owner needs to pay attention to remove the cores and then feed the pulp. Besides, you should also control the amount of feeding, as too much fruit may also cause diarrhea in dogs.

           Can dogs eat all kinds of fruit
Not really. There are some fruits that dogs can't eat!Grapes - Polyphenols can damage a dog's kidneys, leading to kidney failure, vomiting and other symptoms, and can even directly lead to the dog's death.Cherry - It contains a high content of alkaloids. When dogs eat it, they are prone to shock and suffer serious damage to their internal organs. This one can also kill the dog if eaten.Raw pineapple - If this is still raw, people who eat it will have allergies and other bad effects, and so will dogs. The dog's intestines are not as strong as we think, and they will also suffer from allergies when they eat this.Avocado - The lipids it contains are good for your dog's coat. But in addition to this, its pulp, core and leaves are tantamount to poison for dogs. So for the sake of the dogs' life, just let them stay away from this.Core - This is not fruit but part of it. If dogs accidentally eat the peach or apricot cores that we have just left, the sharp corners of one end of the core may scratch their intestines and cause some illnesses. Furthermore, they are also toxic to them.
          What are the precautions for dog owners who want to feed their dogs fruit?
Dogs, like humans, also need to supplement vitamins, and fruit is a good source of supplementation, so in our daily lives we can feed our dogs some fruit. But do you know that dogs cannot eat all the fruits randomly? Today we will talk about what are the precautions for dog owners who want to feed their dogs fruit? Read on below.
1. Control the amount of fruit when feeding
Although the fruit is good, it cannot be a meal. Regardless of the high sugar content may cause the absorption and obesity burden, the water content of the fruit alone can make the dog suffer from diarrhea.
2. Do not feed the dogs with seeds and cores
If the pet owner can not remove the seeds and cores, then this fruit should not be given to the pets to eat, because they will most likely chew these small things, which may be highly poisonous (such as apple seeds).
3. It is best not to feed the dogs with dried fruit
It is best not to feed your dog with dried fruit, especially foods like peanuts and chestnuts that taste good and are easily chewed up. It's bad for digestion if dogs eat too much at once.
          What to do if dogs choke
If your dog chokes accidentally, it must be sent to the doctor as soon as possible so that the fruit is not stuck in the trachea. Dogs may actually die if not treated urgently. However, simple first aid can be given on the way to the doctor. Pet owners should keep in mind the following two methods:
1. For small dogs: the owner should pick up the dog with one hand, let the dog lie on the forearm, using the other hand to pat the dog's shoulder blade. Or you can use the method for medium and large dogs to pick out foreign objects.
2. For medium and large dogs: the owner should pinch the dog's temporomandibular joint with one hand with his thumb and index finger, forcing the dog to open its mouth, while the other hand reaches into the dog's mouth and picks out the foreign object.

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