Dogs can eat bananas, apples, grapefruit, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and so on.

1. Apple
Dogs can eat apples, but you need to take away the seeds of the apple, or it will cause discomfort to the dog. You can feed your dog the rest of the apples. Besides, apples contain soluble food fiber, which helps the dog's gastrointestinal motility and digestion. As for dogs with poor stomach, you can feed apples several times a week!
2. Blueberry
It's beneficial for dogs to eat blueberries. Not only can they replenish vitamins, but they can also strengthen the dog's body, and the pectin contained in blueberries can clear undigested food waste in the dog's body away. So the owners can buy some blueberries for the dog to eat, and feed them just a few at a time!
3. Orange
Pet owners who like to eat oranges may also give your dog some, because oranges can effectively supplement the dog's vitamin C, which can be very helpful to the dog's health. So the owners must give it a regular supplement, so that the dog will be healthier!
4. Watermelon
Dogs can also eat watermelon, especially in the summer. Watermelon is good for dogs, helping them to cool down, so they are not so prone to heatstroke. But remember not to give too much watermelon to your dog when feeding it!
5. Bananas
In addition to rich dietary fiber, bananas also have oligosaccharides, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract of dogs, help intestinal movement, reduce indigestion, constipation and other conditions.
6. Papaya
Dogs are also very fond of eating papaya, and papaya can bring a lot of benefits to dogs, including relieving indigestion in dogs as well as relieving and treating some common diseases.
  Cautions for dogs eating fruit
1. Do not feed your dog fruit seeds or cores: like pomegranates, lychees, apricots, plums and so on. For fruits with many seeds or large cores, if you can not remove the seeds and cores of them, do not give them to your dog. As the dog is not possible to chew these seeds or cores, and its stomach is not likely to digest them, a lychee core in the dog's stomach is no different from a small stone. In addition, some fruits contain toxic substances in the seeds, so when dogs chew them, the toxic substances will be dissolved in the gastric juice and may kill the dog. Simply put: dogs should never eat the seeds or cores of fruits.
2. Must not feed dogs too much fruit: giving dogs a lot of fruit at once is easy to cause dog diarrhea, so is any kind of fruit. When feeding the dog fruit we should pay attention to which fruits can be used to feed while which can not. For some fruits with larger cores, it is best to remove the core and then feed the dog to avoid the situation of the core stuck in the dog's throat.

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